Connected Communities Work Tip Sheet for Early Engagement with Employers/Anchor Institutions


Gillian Mason Consultancy

Date Uploaded: September 21st 2021
Updated: December 7th 2023
Themes:   Collaboration, Complexity
10 Keys :   Embrace the Messiness, Work at Multiple Scales
Content Level:   Heavy
Resource Type:   Handout / Tool
CCA In Action - Using CCA for...:   Poverty Reduction, Workforce Development


This resources unpacks “tips” C3 and it's partners have learned through its experience enacting CCW. These tips are helpful, firstly, in identifying a good potential employer partner, then getting the relationship off to a good start, maintaining the relationship over time, and finally, dealing with inevitable hiccups along the way. These tips are all offered with an eye to ensuring sustained change in the employers’ behaviour(s) for the benefit of the employment pathway so that local people get good local jobs.

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