Year End Reflections from C3

As 2020 comes to an end, we at Centre for Connected Communities have taken time to reflect and share some insights we have learned this year.

Pictured above is a virtual zoom meeting celebrating C3 turning two and the text reads as follows:

2020 Year End Reflections 

“As I reflect on 2020, I am so grateful for all the grassroots leaders, grassroots groups, residents, and social service organizations for all their valuable time, hard work and continuing to build resilience and adaptation on the pathway to change. Despite the uncertain times we live in, these groups continue to support one another, their communities, act as allies and thrive.”

“Wow, 2020. This was a year of so many unexpected twists and turns. This year, I really learned about the resilience of community and that despite challenges, people will rise to the occasion. This year, we started into the world of podcasting and learned SO much about telling stories, editing, sharing power and learning together.”

“From policy think tanks to academics, to the public and private sectors, people have sought out the Connected Community Approach as a potential model to address the complex issues they are addressing.”

“Local Champions have shown, once again, how responsive, resourceful and resilient they are as key leaders of their neighbourhoods and communities. The Local Champions cohort of 2020 adapted to new, virtual ways of learning while the Local Champions Network adapted to new, virtual ways of connecting, collaborating and community building.”

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