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The Connected Communities Resource Library is a dynamic platform of resources, tools and materials to support you to build strong and inclusive communities. The focus is to support those working in, investing in, and serving communities to create transformative change in and with communities. Catalysts’ Circle is eager to partner with businesses, institutions and governments to develop a comprehensive collection that spans sectors and scales. Please reach out if you have resources that would benefit strengthening connected communities.

In any one community there are dozens of interventions, hundreds of players and thousands of ideas to address the inequities that underpin issues of poverty, climate vulnerability, social isolation, systemic racism, and marginalization. These interventions, players and ideas are often disconnected from one another, act in isolation, and exclude the very people most affected. Therefore, despite the efforts and energies of so many, inequalities and divides continue to deepen. Catalysts’ Circle was born out of the belief that more connected communities leads to a healthier and more equitable society. We believe that people and communities are agents of their own change. Truly transformative change needs communities to be at the centre of strategies, plans, and actions. At Catalysts’ Circle, we leverage the ideas and principles of the Connected Community Approach to build strong and inclusive communities.

The Connected Community Approach (CCA) is an innovative and practical framework that enables people, organizations, businesses and institutions strategically and effectively contribute to the health and resilience of their local communities. CCA focuses on strengthening the social fabric of communities, thereby making it possible to bridge divides, collaborate across sectors and scales and engage in coordinated strategies, plans and actions to address the complex issues of our time, like climate change, economic inequities, racism and discrimination.

To find out more about Catalysts’ Circle, please visit our website: www.catalystscircle.ca

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