Complementary or in Conflict: Community Organizing and Collective Impact


Marshall Ganz in Collective Leadership Forum: FSG

Date Uploaded: December 17th 2020
Updated: August 16th 2022
CCA In Action - Using CCA for...:   Poverty Reduction, Fostering Grassroots Leadership
Resource Type:   Video
Content Level:   Heavy
10 Keys :   Prioritize Equity and Power Sharing, Build on Everyone's Strengths
Themes:   Resilience, Equity

There are lots of ways in which people work together for change. Collective Impact, Community Organizing, and the Connected Community Approach are three such ways. While the approaches may be different, the fundamental commitment to individual agency for the collective good is evident in all of them. In this key note address Marshall Ganz explores the power of relationships, shared values and commitment to work together that underpin collective action, movements and change.

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