Cover art for the publication "Community Backbone Theory of Change"

Community Backbone Theory of Change explores the CCA hypothesis of what CCA changes and how that change occurs.  Based on the Theory of Change for the East Scarborough Storefront, this document offers a practical approach to designing Community Backbone Organizations specific to individual contexts.  Written by Anne Gloger, Lisa Watson and Jessica Schmidt with graphics by Randal Boutillier 

Cover art for the publication "CCA What it is and Why it matters"

CCA What it is and Why it matters demonstrates the benefits of the Connected Community Approach and how it plays out in real community context.  Written by Anne Gloger

Cover image to Neighbourhood trust shared platform

Neighbourhood Trust Shared Platform reflects on the challenges and successes of the shared platform model developed to address perpetuating power imbalances and inherent inequalities within social services, regulatory and funding systems. It includes recommendations for a future iteration of the Neighbourhood Trust and other community development focused shared platforms. Written by Ana Skinner with Anne Gloger and Janet Fitzsimmons

Cover art for the publication "Connected Community Approach a theoretical framework"

Connected Community Approach a Theoretical Framework, outlines how the Connected Community Approach is a creative and grounded amalgamation of four key theories/constructs: Systems theory, Complexity Theory, Asset Based Community Development and Collective Impact. Written by CCA practitioners Anne Gloger and Ewa Cerda-Llanos with academic/research partners Ewa Modlinska and James Iveniuk