Local Champions 

A group picture of the Toronto Local Champions

Local Champions is a one year capacity building program designed to provide seasoned grassroots leaders with the vocabulary, context and tools so that they can influence the systems that affect them.

Local Champions come from across the City of Toronto and reside in one of Toronto’s 31 Neighbourhood Improvement Areas or 8 Emerging Neighbourhoods. Local Champions is a key part of Toronto Strong Neighbourhood Strategy 2020.

Each year the Centre for Connected Communities brings in a new cohort of 25 grassroots leaders. Following a series of learning and community organizing opportunities, the Local Champions program graduates participants into the Local Champions Network.

For more information on the Local Champions program, please contact Gillian Perera.

Local Champions Network

The Local Champions Network (LCN) is an autonomous group of skilled, passionate community builders from across Toronto’s Neighbourhood Improvement Areas. Combining hyperlocal perspective with an understanding of municipal systems, LCN members build bridges between neighbourhoods and the systems and decision-making processes that impact them.

Centre for Connected Communities supports the Local Champions Network by providing:

  • Connection to ongoing capacity building opportunities
  • Connections to people/resources/tools that will help Local Champions Network members meet their individual and collective goals
  • Direct connections with opportunities (paid and unpaid) for Local Champions to influence the systems that affect people in marginalized communities
  • Facilitation of annual collective priority setting processes
  • Facilitation of one additional annual event
  • Referrals to relevant potential employment opportunities as they arise

For more information or to discuss how the Local Champions Network can add value to your work, please contact Sarah Luca.