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Here’s what people have said about C3’s workshops and courses:

“I really appreciate your ability to draw out everyone's strengths and gently but firmly coach us on areas where we can improve, learn, challenge ourselves, be more intentional and courageous, what a joy to work with you both in this capacity, grateful!”

“Fantastic job! Very engaging with great activities and engaging topics…fantastic facilitators-well done!!”

“This course was very different compared to other courses offered at UTSC. The teaching style was very refreshing as instruction of the course was conducted by a teaching team/staff. Anne, and the rest of the teaching team, were extremely insightful and great speakers. I enjoyed this class very much.”

“Informative, a lot of self-reflection and how useful I can be in the community (thought provoking)”

Meet the C3 Teaching Team

C3’s teaching team is made up of senior staff who have been instrumental in the development of the Connected Community Approach and were the original pioneers in the creation of C3, its curriculum, tools and resources; and current staff (the Storefront and C3) working on the ground in  community with extensive practical CCA experience.

Anne Gloger

Anne Gloger is the founding Director at East Scarborough Storefront and Principal at the Centre for Connected Communities. Since 2000, Anne has worked at the East Scarborough Storefront, pioneering collaborative solutions to complex issues in an inner suburban community in Scarborough, Ontario. Out of this work has emerged a new approach to community development, the Connected Community Approach (CCA).

As Principal of the Centre for Connected Communities (C3), Anne leads a team of dedicated and creative people to provide learning opportunities to grassroots groups, service organizations and institutions so that they can unlock the potential of their communities to
design local collaborative strategies to tackle complex social issues.

Umema Sharafali

Umema has spent over 5 years working on the ground as a facilitator with both residents and frontline workers, supporting local initiatives and collaborative processes. She values people and building authentic relationships as a pathway to creating change. Umema loves using both experiential and reflective learning as tools to harness collective wisdom and bring together all the different players that exist within a community’s ecosystem.

Ewa Cerda - Llanos

Ewa is dedicated to developing practical and meaningful connections between people, organizations and institutions working in communities, while ensuring initiatives are mutually beneficial and that resident ideas are at the centre of new endeavours. She is passionate about social justice and has been working to bridge academic communities, together with resident groups and local organizations for over 13 years.

Janet Fitzsimmons

Janet has been a dedicated community builder for over 20 years. She is an advocate for social change. focusing her work on neighbourhoods as critical building blocks of cities. She is committed to centering marginalized voices and to bridging grassroots  leadership into decision-making and policy spaces.

Ajeev Bhatia

Ajeev’s lived experiences of inequitable systems and the implications of them on communities has propelled him into curiosity and action on improving systems for all people, particularly those at the margins. Ajeev has become inspired about sharing the possibilities that arise when communities are stronger, connected and resilient. He believes that when we understand how to work in the complexity of neighbourhoods, we can surface local solutions to address systemic challenges.

Sarah Luca

Sarah is deeply committed to advocating for grassroots voices to realize their visions for strong communities. With 5 years of experience in community building including broadcasting, frontline service delivery and supporting community development initiatives, Sarah understands how diverse perspectives are fundamental to co-creating authentic and meaningful change.

Margaret Brimpong

Margaret is a community development specialist and educator with over 17 years experience working in diverse capacities the non-profit sector.  She is passionate about this work because communities are where the personalities and potentials of a city, a province, a country. are most visible.  Being a part of the innovation and authenticity that thrives in healthy communities is what motivates me to keep learning, keep giving, keep advocating.

Yalini Vijayanathen

Yalini values people and building authentic relationships to create change.  She acts as a connector between and among community members, services and resources.  In addition, she is committed to fostering the bottom-up model of community development and making it resident friendly.

Khushbu Nurogho

Khushbu Nurogho, Project Lead of Place-Based Strategies, is a strong advocate of supporting the development and implementation of initiatives for the betterment of community building and community engagement. Khushbu brings more than seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector and values authentic relationship-building and sustaining as the fundamental building blocks for all community organizing activities. Khushbu has a strong passion for bringing people together to facilitate local priorities, create meaningful connections and promote equity, social change and innovation.