Catalysts' Circle:

Connects community builders with ideas, knowledge, research, tools and each other

Translates knowledge across sectors

Celebrates and elevates the work of community building as some of the most important work in our society

So that communities can find collective solutions to complex social issues


David Crombie City BuilderĀ 


The Courage to LeadĀ 



The cover of the publication CCA Theory of Change
The cover of the publication CCA what it is and why it matters
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We acknowledge the Anishinabek (Ojibway) Mashkegowick, (Cree) and Hodenashoone (Mohawk confederacy) as the guardians and traditional keepers of the land on which the people of Toronto live work and play.

We recognize the Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation as the current holders of these traditional territories. We at Catalysts' Circle recognize the injustice of colonization and, in all our work, strive for equity and justice for all people.